What’s on the List? A Look at What Influences Grocery Shoppers

As the CPG and grocery industries continue to innovate and expand their offerings, consumers have unprecedented choices when it comes to where they shop, how they shop and what they purchase. As such, CPG and grocery marketers have the increasingly difficult job of making their brands stand out from the competition, and ultimately turning their potential customers into repeat customers.

At Lab42, we wanted to do a deeper dive to answer a critical question: what are the main purchase influencers for today’s grocery shoppers? To find this out, we surveyed 1,000 U.S. grocery shoppers, aged 18+, and asked them about what motivates them to purchase certain products or brands. Below is the infographic we produced from the results, as well as a few highlights from the data.


  • Not surprisingly, with 56% of the total respondents, price has the greatest influence on purchasing decision, followed by Taste (25%) and Ingredients (12%).
  • 100% Natural is the most influential claim overall.
  • Over 75% of Gluten-free and Organic shoppers (people who predominately shop for gluten-free and organic products) are more willing to pay a premium for their groceries purchased from a specialty grocery store (compared to 55% of general shoppers who would pay a premium)
  • 42% of discount grocery store shoppers claimed ‘Convenience’ had a significant influence on their purchasing decision, while only 33% of standard grocery store shoppers agreed.


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