Wedding season is officially here! We spoke to 500 consumers about their upcoming summer wedding plans to get a better sense of today’s wedding etiquette.

Wedding cash

60 percent of respondents are attending at least one wedding this summer, with a quarter attending 2 or more.

To get a sense of invitation etiquette, we asked women specifically how they would consider inviting guests to a bridal or baby shower. 65 percent said they would mail invitations that they purchased at a retail store, and 23 percent would share the invitation details via word-of-mouth. Still, invitations are certainly going digital. 32 percent would create a Facebook event, and 20 percent would send a digital invitation through Evite or a similar website.

With weddings, it appears some couples are taking the digital route as well, whether for the sake of convenience or cost savings. 28 percent of respondents reported having received a digital invitation to a wedding.

We also wanted to get a sense of how important guests think it is to RSVP to weddings. Although 97 percent said it was important to RSVP, 23 percent said it was only “somewhat important”. I’m sure all the wedding couples and wedding planners out there would disagree and say it’s very important!

When shopping for a couple’s wedding gift, 47 percent shop from the bridal registry only, while 20 percent come up with their own idea. The remaining 33 percent use the bridal registry and come up with their own idea.

For fun, we asked married respondents to consider doing their wedding all over again, and 41 percent said they would do things differently. 59 percent were satisfied and would have the same type of wedding.

Do you follow traditional wedding etiquette? When is it OK to bend the rules?

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