Market research sometimes gets a reputation for being an ‘unsexy’ industry, but as a market researcher, I couldn’t disagree more! Think about it. As market researchers, we are the first to know about the latest consumer trends, the first to be in on a secret. Our constant curiosity and ability to be ‘in the know’ also helps us converse with others easily. We’re encouraged to ask open-ended questions to learn more and as a result, must be good listeners to fully capture their response. Just by listening to people around us, we can gain great insight into consumer behavior.


Still, we also realize it’s not all about us. Market research empowers respondents to share ideas and opinions. There’s nothing sexier than having the confidence to be yourself and express your opinion. In a way, respondents can lead a sexy, double-life: 9-5 employee by day, passionate idea sharer by night. And in targeting specific audiences, we’re able to find those very consumers who are passionate and comfortable sharing their thoughts. What’s meaningful and important to them is important to us as researchers.

Generally, people associate our industry with people standing in a mall, calling you while you are eating dinner, or sending e-mails with prompts to take surveys containing countless grids and radio buttons.  But it couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, the surveys could use a little spicing up every now and then, but having the privilege to dive into consumer insights and be in the know before everyone else is truly sexy!

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