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Where In the World are Baby Boomers Traveling this Summer?

At Lab42, we love all things travel & tech, as evidenced by our “techie traveler” infographic. Heading into the 2013 summer travel season, we decided to take our travel research one step further and gain insights from the Boomer generation, specifically baby boomers traveling this summer. They outspend other generations by $400 billion every year on consumer goods & […]

Is it Worse to be ‘Groped by Unknown People’ or have ‘Someone See You Naked?’

Study reveals TSA’s new enhanced pat downs pressure travelers to accept backscatter X-rays CHICAGO – November 24, 2010 – Lab42, an innovative market research start-up, published results today of a study revealing travelers’ sentiments regarding new TSA security guidelines. With the peak travel season now underway, Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) new security guidelines have recently […]