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How Do Market Researchers Find Respondents?

It’s a question we get a lot here at Lab42, and it’s a good one. After all, where would we market researchers be without them? Well, for one, we’d have samples sizes of zero and a serious lack of consumer insights.  Whether we are conducting qualitative or quantitative research, we depend on everyday consumers to […]

Like Us!

Only five years ago, the term “like” was just another word used to describe one’s preferences. In today’s digital universe, however, the notion of “liking” something has become ubiquitous. Liking is one of the primary ways people exert their tastes and preferences online, and it has created an entirely new type of conversation – one […]

Man’s Best Friend (?)

Did your friend’s dog just friend you on Facebook? One of ours did! So we decided to run a survey – with the help of our friends at DoggyLoot – to see how people feel about their dogs. Check out the infographic below. (Click to enlarge) About the Survey This survey was conducted online via […]