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A Patient Look at Healthcare

In our latest Lab42 market research study and infographic, we spoke to consumers about their current healthcare habits and hiccups. With healthcare costs on the rise, many are forced to weigh several options and decisions, often in an effort to save money. For example, 43 percent have refused medication prescribed to them because it was […]

Driving Home Car Buyers’ Frustrations

Today’s car buying consumers are faced with more decisions than ever: hybrid vs. gasoline;  2 door vs. 4 door; buying vs. leasing; American-made vs. foreign made cars. When you consider tech add-ons, the list grows even longer: keyless entry, GPS, blind spot sensors, rear-view camera, and so on. In our latest Lab42 study and  infographic, we gauged […]


At Lab42, we are incredibly proud of our absolutely awesome clients and all the great work that they do. In this month’s client spotlight, we’re highlighting one in particular: Zócalo Group, a fellow Chicago-based company whose ultimate mission is to help their clients be recommended. Zócalo’s expertise is in helping drive consumer recommendations to their clients’ brands […]

Will Advertisers Deliver on Super Bowl Sunday?

Super Bowl XLVII is right around the corner, and while many are planning for parties, prepping in the kitchen and placing bets on which Harbaugh brother will claim victory in the ‘Bro Bowl’, the question still remains: will advertisers bring their A-game during the coveted $3.5 million 30-second commercial spots? Consumers certainly hope so. According […]

Does It Really ‘Ad’ Up?

In the midst of New Year’s resolutions, it seems like advertisement claims are flying left and right. “Lose 10 lbs in a week!” “Get fit fast!” Recently, we came across this article about a Dior ad that was banned in the UK for “exaggerating the likely effects of the product”. This got us thinking– do consumers just […]