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Cracking the Code on Internet Privacy [Infographic]

With the NSA leaks making headlines, consumer awareness is at an all-time high when it comes to internet privacy and digital security. In our most recent Lab42 study and infographic, we found that although consumers are nearly split on the debate between internet privacy and security, a slight majority (54%) said they would rather have […]

Will Advertisers Deliver on Super Bowl Sunday?

Super Bowl XLVII is right around the corner, and while many are planning for parties, prepping in the kitchen and placing bets on which Harbaugh brother will claim victory in the ‘Bro Bowl’, the question still remains: will advertisers bring their A-game during the coveted $3.5 million 30-second commercial spots? Consumers certainly hope so. According […]

Does It Really ‘Ad’ Up?

In the midst of New Year’s resolutions, it seems like advertisement claims are flying left and right. “Lose 10 lbs in a week!” “Get fit fast!” Recently, we came across this article about a Dior ad that was banned in the UK for “exaggerating the likely effects of the product”. This got us thinking– do consumers just […]

Advertising Like a Native

Because many of Lab42’s clients are ad agencies, this TechCrunch article about the changing nature of the advertising industry got us thinking. According to the article, advertisements will no longer be considered an interruption to consumers’ daily lives. Instead, companies will create advertisements that are fully integrated with customer experiences. Online banner ads are becoming […]