Being the CEO of a growing B2B company yields no shortage of learning experiences, and for the past nine months, I have had the pleasure of sharing my perspective as a contributor on

Most recently, I highlighted nine hiring best practices that have helped build the Lab42 team over the past two years. Hiring is often an arduous, lengthy process for CEOs and managers. Given that we’ve grown our team significantly in recent months, hiring has been a part of my everyday routine, and I wanted to take the opportunity to share my own experience, in hopes of helping others in the process.


For example, I make a point to network with potential candidates, even if we aren’t hiring—especially when a candidate comes highly recommended by someone I trust. Even if the timing isn’t perfect, I make a point to meet with that person, have a phone conversation, or even just get the ball rolling via email. That way, when we are hiring, I’m not starting from square one, and the candidate feels valued when we think of her for the open position.

For eight more hiring best practices, as well as networking tips, key strategies from startup marketing, and more, head over to Forbes to check out my blog, A Swan Dive into the Shark Tank.

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