Media Consumption Across Generations

Earlier this year, Lab42 conducted internal quantitative research to glean deep insights into the GenZ Generation (13-22 year olds), and how this generation compares and contrasts to Millennials (23-34 year olds), GenX (35-54 year olds) and Baby Boomers (55+ year olds). We created several reports based on the various topics. This report focuses on how the changing trends of how the public is consuming news, entertainment and other media.

  • Gen Z, more likely to be reached online or social media vs. traditional communication channels like TV, print and radio.
  • Facebook remains the most widely used social media channel across all generations. That said, Gen Z can also be reached:
    • Through streaming services like YouTube or music streaming apps like Spotify.
    • Social media sites like Instagram or messaging apps like Snapchat which are more popular among this generation vs. all other generations.
    • Gen Z are less likely to be reached through news apps, or apps about traveling or even email campaigns
  • Companies will have to consider their media allocation budgets and ad content if they want to reach Gen Z.
    • They are less likely than any other generation to watch live TV, or DVR programs to view later.
    • They are more likely to watch shows at their convenience, either through their a streaming service or on mobile devices.
    • They are more likely than all other generations to skip ads, and even on YouTube, many will only watch ads they find interesting.

Check out our ‘Media Consumption Across the Generations’ infographic below. If you’re interested in learning more or receiving the full Media Consumption report, please contact us.

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