Long-lasting Logos

With the announcement of Twitter’s newly redesigned logo (hello, haircut; goodbye, wordmark!), we decided to look into the qualities of a good logo. We do a lot of logo testing here at Lab42 (like this case study). Good logos should be memorable, of course, and clearly communicate your brand, but what are other important things to keep in mind? Here’s what we learned:

Engage your audience: Laying out everything too literally doesn’t engage your audience. Think about the FedEx logo: do you spend a little bit more time on it looking for the hidden arrow?

Make it memorable: Quick test to see how memorable your logo is: show it to a coworker, and ask him to redraw it a week later. Think about all the brands you’re able to draw off the top of your head: Facebook, Twitter, Coca-Cola.

Colors: Keep it to 2-3 colors to reduce printing costs, and make sure it looks just as awesome in black and white.

Scaling: You definitely want to avoid the fuzzy-logo-effect. Design your logo in a vector program so that it can grow with your brand.

Adaptable: Make different versions of the same logo (with a consistent look-and-feel) to use across everything you have. A simple logo might work well on a coffee mug, but adding some text might look better for your business card.

Relevant: To make sure your logo is portraying your company, do a quick gut-check before going off your concept: ask friends and family what they think of when they see your rough outline.

A logo is often the first thing someone might see when coming across your brand. Make sure that you take these factors into account when designing your first round of logos.

Article by Sarah

Hey! I'm Sarah Ostman, an intern for Lab42. I work on marketing, PR and social media, but I'm slowly learning everything that goes into the market research business. I'm currently a sophomore at Syracuse University, studying public relations and information technology. I'm originally from Chicago (Lab42's home base!), am a little bit obsessed with the city, and hope to make it back after graduation!


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