At Lab42, everyone on the team is obsessed with data in some capacity. Whether it’s research data, sales data, or even analytics and website visitors, everyone has a vested interest in understanding data on multiple levels. While it is easier to understand data that we are personally working with, it’s more difficult to actually share this data with others (especially when we’re dealing with big data sets).

To help reduce the possibility of data confusion, we recommend using infographics to share data. Whether you need to share the data internally within your organization or with your clients, putting your data into infographic format enables the recipient to easily understand and digest the information you are trying to share. And even more, they’re much more likely to remember the information.

To demonstrate this, the team at Lab42 put together an infographic on the benefits of visual data. Check it out below, and if you’re interested in seeing more examples of our design and infographic work, you can check them out on our blog and our website.


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