Prior to Tax Day, we looked at Millennials’ habits and preferences when it came to filing their taxes. In our newest Lab42 market research study and infographic, we dove deeper into the money mindset of Millennials, gaining insight into their saving and spending habits overall.

Among the highlights, we found that nearly 9 in 10 Millennials create a budget for themselves, with the majority saving money and paying off debts. When it comes to the  extra money from their paychecks, we found that 66 percent of Millennials save it, and 18 percent use the surplus to pay off debts. Just 14 percent spend their spare cash.

Millennials with debt appear to be particularly budget-conscious. Of the 60 percent surveyed who have some form of debt, 83 percent budget a specific amount each month to pay it off. The number one form of debt was credit card debt, followed closely by student loan debt.

To keep an eye on spending and budgeting, Millennials increasingly rely on tech-based solutions: over half (52 percent) use a banking app to manage their bank accounts from smartphones and tablets. 42 percent have used the mobile check deposit feature from a banking app to deposit money into their bank accounts by taking photos of checks.

For more on Millennials’ money mindset, click on the infographic below!

Millennials Money Mindset - FINAL

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