Holiday Social Media Marketing

With the Holiday season underway, it’s a great time to put a wintery spin on your next social media campaign. There’s already been a lot of talk about holiday-themed social media marketing, so I’ve searched the web to find the best tips and tricks out there, some related stats, and some examples of awesome holiday-themed campaigns.

Tips & Tricks

  • “12 Days of…” themed campaign: Based on what your company does, choose something to offer or share with customers for 12 days. If you’re a retail-based company, offer different discounts. If you’re business is B2B, share 12 different stats about your industry or post themed photos or articles each day. For example, as a market research company, Lab42 could do a “12 days of infographics” campaign, posting our favorite infographics from across the Internet (BlueGlass).
  • On Twitter, have your followers compete to write the best tweet about your company. Be sure to offer a holiday-themed gift for the winner!
  • Integrate social media into your retail site: give customers the option of ‘liking’ or commenting on your products directly on your website. This will spark discussion and engagement with your brand, and will link customers back to your site. Wal-Mart has done this by adding social share buttons to each of its holiday products (Forbes).
  • Donate to a charity: raise money for a cause your company believes in and encourage your Facebook and Twitter followers to help you reach your goal (Demand and Force blog).
  • Share your company culture: give your followers an inside look at how your company is celebrating by posting pictures from your holiday party. Having an ugly sweater contest? Ask followers to vote on the winner (BlueGlass).


  • On Black Friday, 4.3% of Facebook users and 2.3% of Twitter users visited the website of a top 500 retailer immediately after perusing the social-networking sites (AdAge).
  • Nearly 40% of consumers say they own a smartphone, and 52.6% of those smartphone users say they will use it to help them shop this season (HubSpot).
  • 61% of people plan to research the perfect gift via social networks (Lab42). Of those: 72% will use Facebook, 13% will use YouTube,  and 7% will use Twitter
  • Apple sold about 1.5 iPads every second across the U.S. on Black Friday (Cult of Mac).
  • More than half of retailers are including social media in their marketing strategies this holiday season (AdAge). Of those: 76% are focusing on Facebook, 50% on Twitter, 14% on MySpace, 14% on Youtube, and 10% will use each of these social media channels.

Awesome Holiday Campaigns & Initiatives

  • Best Buy: Using Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter in its holiday marketing, Best Buy has created quite a presence on social media sites. In addition to featuring many discounts on its Facebook page, Best Buy has created several holiday-specific Facebook applications. Their Hint Helper Facebook app sends personalized gift hints to your family and friends. With several Twitter handles, Best Buy has done a stellar job creating customer engagement with its brand.
  • Lexus: With Facebook as the platform for its Holiday charity initiative, Lexus has created a “December to Remember” campaign, and has agreed to donate $5 to Toys for Tots every time one of its iconic “big red bows” is shared on Facebook.
  • Southwest Airlines: Last year, Southwest held a “12 Days of LUV” contest on Twitter, asking followers to tweet a different holiday-themed picture each day. The person who tweeted the best picture each day (as determined by Southwest) won a $1000 gift card.
  • Etsy: the popular e-commerce website introduced a tool called Gift Ideas for Facebook Friends for the holidays. The tool sorts through information your friends have shared on Facebook and recommends gifts from Etsy based on this info. This tool is a great example of utilizing social media to create personalized content for your customers.

What are you doing to put a holiday spin on your social media campaign?

Article by Sara

Hi, I'm Sara! I'm an intern for Lab42, working on PR, marketing and social media. As a contributor for the Lab42 blog, I get really excited whenever I come across a story about market research in the news. I also love to read about out-of-the-box social media campaigns. I'm currently a senior at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts majoring in Business and International Studies, and I spent last semester studying abroad in Copenhagen. Fun fact: In high school I was a coxswain on my school's rowing team.


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