In recent years, snacking has received a better reputation, with both dietitians and doctors touting the benefits of healthy snacks as part of a balanced diet. For our latest infographic, we decided to dig a little deeper to determine consumer perceptions of snacking and what it is that draws consumers to certain healthy snacks, specifically those consumers who identify themselves as “healthy” snackers.

When it comes to the benefits of snacking, doctors and dietitians will be pleased to hear that 86 percent of healthy snackers said they snack to help lose or maintain their weight, proving that the ‘snacking reputation’ is changing for the better.

We also wanted to determine what exactly draws healthy-snacking consumers to their favorite healthy snacks. The top factors in choosing a healthy snack (by % who rated quality as “very important”) were:

  • Taste (66 percent)
  • Low in sugar (37 percent)
  • High in protein (35 percent)

Surprisingly, these three characteristics were rated higher than two qualities traditionally associated with healthy snacks: low in calories (33 percent) and low in fat (30 percent).

For marketers and food brands alike, one key insight is that 70 percent of healthy snackers said that they felt the word “organic” on the front of the package indicated that it’s healthier than a traditional snack, and 64 percent felt the same about the words “all natural.” Healthy-snackers are also willing to pay more for these snacks, with 87 percent willing to pay more for “all natural” snacks and 83 percent willing to pay more for organic snacks.

Recommendations and word-of-mouth should not be overlooked by marketers, given that 88 percent of healthy snackers saying they have shared their favorite healthy snack with someone so that they could try it.

For more snack-size bites, click on our infographic below. Hungry for more insights? Download our white paper for free here.healthysnackhabits-final

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