Many of us are in the throes of holiday shopping. If you’re still looking for ideas, don’t make the search harder than it has to be. Gift cards are not a new concept, but most of us secretly love receiving them. Sure, they seem impersonal, but how do gift recipients really feel about it?

We asked 500 respondents what they first think when receiving a gift card. Contrary to popular belief, just 5 percent deemed it “impersonal”, while a whopping 47 percent said a gift card lets them buy what they want. With so many of us “self-gifting” anyway, it’s no surprise that nearly 1 in 5 said it was their favorite gift to receive.

If you’re looking for a gift card that the recipient will actually remember to use, consider a gift card from their favorite fast food restaurant. 30% of respondents buy gift cards from these restaurants as part of their holiday shopping, with McDonald’s topping the list as the favorite and Subway coming in a very close second.

Chipotle takes holiday generosity one step further by rewarding you for buying gift cards. When you purchase a $30 gift card for a friend, you get a free burrito. Talk about keeping consumers happy!

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