Facebook’s IPO

“So far, Facebook’s advertising platform hasn’t kept pace with the explosive growth of its social network, and it remains to be seen if CEO Mark Zuckerberg even wants to focus on advertising as a source of revenue. In his 2,500+ word letter to shareholders this month, he mentioned advertising just once,” Larry Kim, founder and CTO of WordStream, said in a statement.

Will Facebook’s IPO change its primary source of revenue? We’ll see in the coming months. In the meantime, this infographic lays out differences between the world’s biggest online display advertising networks.

(source: PCMag)

Article by Sarah

Hey! I'm Sarah Ostman, an intern for Lab42. I work on marketing, PR and social media, but I'm slowly learning everything that goes into the market research business. I'm currently a sophomore at Syracuse University, studying public relations and information technology. I'm originally from Chicago (Lab42's home base!), am a little bit obsessed with the city, and hope to make it back after graduation!


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