Here at Lab42, we appreciate innovation and are proud to collaborate with clients who value it as well. Recently, we had the privilege to work with and create an infographic for Microsoft on an international study exploring the perceptions of creativity in several countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Italy and Japan. In each country, we asked a variety of questions revolving around perceptions of creativity, such as “which gender is more creative?” and “which country is most creative?” The similarities and differences among various countries were incredibly compelling.

This innovative research was used to create an infographic (more on that later) in support of the Fresh Paint painting app for Windows 8. As a result, we got to test drive the app on a Samsung Series 7 Slate PC, and what a treat it was!

It’s not the Paint application familiar to PC users.  Fresh Paint actually simulates drawing and painting on a real canvas, by allowing you to mix colors, mediums, and textures.  We were amazed by how real it looked. For example, when you combine two different colors of paint on the canvas, it actually looks like paint mixed together.

Blue Yellow_Fresh Paint

Fire Pit_Fresh Paint

Personal enjoyment aside, we were thrilled to work with Microsoft on this project, especially when they suggested using Fresh Paint to enhance the infographic we created for them. We used the variety of tools and textures to create elements and icons, such as the title header, brushstroke background, tablet screen and lightbulb icon, all of which added to the authentic feel of the infographic.

Overall, this experience of using Fresh Paint reminds us that it’s important to mix it up and stay innovative. We’ve done a lot of infographics in our time, and we always welcome a fresh approach or technique.

Take a look!

Fresh Paint Infographic - Final V2

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