Today’s car buying consumers are faced with more decisions than ever: hybrid vs. gasoline;  2 door vs. 4 door; buying vs. leasing; American-made vs. foreign made cars. When you consider tech add-ons, the list grows even longer: keyless entry, GPS, blind spot sensors, rear-view camera, and so on.

In our latest Lab42 study and  infographic, we gauged not only the decisions consumers face in the car buying process, but also their biggest frustrations. Confusion at the site of purchase–often at the dealership–only complicates the process further. Fifty-two percent of respondents have not made a firm decision on the make or model they intend to buy when arriving at the dealership, and 81 percent are less likely to buy if the salesperson is aggressive.

So how do car buyers eventually come to a decision? Click on our infographic below to find out.

Lab42 Car Buying Infographic - Final Png for Web

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