Client Spotlight: Modea

At Lab42, we’re proud to say that we have awesome clients. In this blog post, we’d like to highlight one in particular – Modea. Modea is a small, digital advertising agency located in Blacksburg, Virginia. In fact, they pride themselves on being the only ad agency in Blacksburg. You might recognize their name from AdAge’s 2011 Small Agency Awards. With their high level of community involvement and emphasis on employee goals and development, Modea won the award for Best Culture. So you won’t be surprised to discover that they have some awesome clients of their own. They’ve worked with a variety of technology and consumer product companies to create memorable advertising campaigns. Here’s some of our favorites:

Mizuno: This sporting goods company came to Modea looking for a website redesign. Their current website didn’t quite convey Mizuno’s passion for sports. After some thought, Modea gave them something simple, yet elegant using three guiding principles in the design – inspire, empower, and identify. The website copy is concise and to the point, letting the images pop and speak for themselves. In addition to the website, Modea created a mobile site to help match golfers with a Mizuno club, and a video of inspiring athlete stories.

Chiquita: When Modea was asked to help Chiquita promote its healthy snacks, the agency developed a multi-faceted campaign to help consumers identify Chiquita with more than just bananas. After doing a great deal of research on how digital channels influence a consumer’s in-store shopping experience, Modea created a campaign with the theme, “Discover the Snack Side of Fruit.” The campaign involved adding a variety of new features to Chiquita’s Facebookpage, including digital coupons, branded videos, and geo-targeted online advertising to name a few.

HTC: The mobile communication company HTC asked Modea to help promote the launch of its new HTC status, the first smartphone with a button dedicated solely to Facebook sharing. To help their client, Modea created a microsite devoted to the new phone. I love the design of the microsite – it has so much character and really conveys the innovative social sharing functionality of this phone. Modea also created engaging employee-training materials to inspire and educate in-store sales reps about all of HTC’s product offerings.

Graco: From sporting goods, to fruit snacks, to smartphones, to baby strollers, this small agency really covers the whole advertising spectrum! When retailers threatened Graco with less shelf space, the company knew it needed a way to enhance the stroller in-store shopping experience. To solve the problem, Modea created a smartphone app that gave parents an easy way to compare strollers and read reviews while they were shopping.

Buzzword Bingo: Modea has created some of their own awesome technology as well. My personal favorite is Buzzword Bingo, a bingo app where the board is full of industry buzzwords. The first person in a meeting to mark off five buzzwords they’ve heard wins! They also developed a real-time buzzword tracker that was used at SXSW in 2011.

Which Modea campaign is your favorite?!

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