Client Spotlight: David & Goliath

Following up on the client spotlight series we started a few weeks ago, this week we’re featuring another awesome client – David & Goliath. David & Goliath is a full-service creative agency that helps clients create innovative, memorable campaigns through a simple, one-word philosophy: Brave. They believe that there are a select few who “demand more and are prepared to fight for it. They’re never satisfied with what they have achieved. They’re determined to be better. They’re willing to take risks, and hold themselves accountable.” Using this mindset, they create all kinds of mind-blowing campaigns – print, radio, TV, ambient, package design, guerilla, and more. Here are a few of our favorites:

King Kong: D&G’s expert work for the King Kong attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood helped the agency win the 2011 AdAge Small Agency of the Year award. Universal was confronted with the challenge of re-launching the attraction after it burned down in a fire. D&G went to work to create a marketing campaign that would get locals excited about going to Universal. They made two giant King Kong footprints at the beach, put several wrecked vehicles all around the city, and even created a footprint at the Dodger Stadium. Our favorite was the King Kong bus wrap. The campaign did wonders for Universal’s attendance. It saw a 27% increase in 2010, while Disneyland’s attendance decreased by 4% during the same period.

Kia SOUL: Perhaps D&G is best known for its Kia Hamsters campaign. Making animals do human-like things seems to be a popular trend in advertising this year, and D&G definitely mastered it. This TV commercial features hamsters spinning in their stationary wheels all over town, until a few get the idea to hop in a Kia SOUL and whiz past all of their furry friends. By combining the real (hamsters spinning in wheels) with the imaginary (driving hamsters), they have created a bold and convincing campaign.

Carl’s Jr: The fast-food chain asked D&G to create a series of TV advertisements promoting specific burgers. Our favorites are Hamblor and Babysitter. In Hamblor, D&G created a burger-making superhero (named Hamblor) who is on a quest to find the ultimate burger. The ad takes burgers out of their usual context to create an attention-grabbing commercial. Babysitter features a house full of unsupervised children getting into all sorts of trouble. Why? Their babysitter is a turkey. The ad ends with this catchy tagline: “turkeys don’t make great babysitters, they make great burger.”

Monte Carlo: Las Vegas Monte Carlo Resort Hotel was suffering from the “dorm effect”, “patrons slept at the hotel but spent their money elsewhere”, so they asked D&G to create a campaign that would help reposition their brand. They did a beautiful redesign of the website for Monte Carlo’s Hotel32, using a simple color scheme that lets the hotel amenities speak for themselves, positioning the brand as “unpretentiously luxurious.” The campaign also featured a baggage-claim installation advertising the hotel’s signature entertainer, Lance Burton.

Greenworld: This awesome Earth Day campaign, created for Green World Campaign, encouraged people in Times Square to help fund tree planting in the world’s deforested regions. The “interactive tree” flashed on ten screens in Times Square, urging viewers to donate via text message. Thanks to D&G’s virtual tree, many trees were planted all over the world.

What is your favorite D&G campaign?

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