Beer Me, Bro!

For many, summer means kicking back with an ice-cold beer. Beer commercials make those ice cold brews look fresh and appealing…but do the ads portray men accurately?

We took a look at a couple different topics surrounding men and beer advertising: how men are portrayed in ads, which factors influence their beer choice, and what types of ads they find most appealing. The most surprising stat? 57% of men said they don’t relate to male characters in beer ads. Check out the infographic below for the low-down on men in beer advertising.


Article by Sarah

Hey! I'm Sarah Ostman, an intern for Lab42. I work on marketing, PR and social media, but I'm slowly learning everything that goes into the market research business. I'm currently a sophomore at Syracuse University, studying public relations and information technology. I'm originally from Chicago (Lab42's home base!), am a little bit obsessed with the city, and hope to make it back after graduation!


  1. Guest 100 says:

    How many people were surveyed for this study?

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