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There’s been a lot of talk about beer at the office this week after launching our Beer Me, Bro! infographic— a look at the portrayal of men in beer advertising. That got us thinking about beer packaging, so we headed over to our favorite package design blog The Dieline to see what creative beer packaging had been highlighted. While we were browsing, we stumbled across Mike’s Beer, a New Zealand-based beer that was redesigned by TGM Design. The redesign involved heavy market research and was successful (it won the 2009 BrewNZ Beer Awards Supreme Packaging Award!)

The goal of Mike’s redesign was to create packaging that clearly communicated the superb, organic quality of the beer, as well as appealed to the target audience.

The first step was to determine who exactly the target audience was. Through research, the team determined that the target market was made up of men and women with some disposable income. They further segmented this to three focus groups: metrosexuals, cafe-goers, and men. The team tested colors, shapes and names with these focus groups, finally finishing on a clean, retro approach with custom typography.

The new branding was finalized in 2009, and won the 2009 BrewNZ Beer Awards Supreme Packaging Award and was recognized by the Best Design Awards. It also increased supermarket carriers and sales (the real goal of market research!). This campaign was definitely a success.

What can we learn from the Mike’s Beer case study? Defining your target audience is extremely important. In addition, think outside the box. Your target audience might not be as easy to pin down as “men 24-30” or “women with two or more children”. Mike’s Beer used focus groups that had more fluid identities, like cafe-goers and metrosexuals. At Lab42, we’ve run studies with foodies and business travelers, just to name a few. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when determining who your focus is.

Check out the images below to see the revamped Mike’s Beer identity and branding.

Article by Sarah

Hey! I'm Sarah Ostman, an intern for Lab42. I work on marketing, PR and social media, but I'm slowly learning everything that goes into the market research business. I'm currently a sophomore at Syracuse University, studying public relations and information technology. I'm originally from Chicago (Lab42's home base!), am a little bit obsessed with the city, and hope to make it back after graduation!

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