Where In the World are Baby Boomers Traveling this Summer?

At Lab42, we love all things travel & tech, as evidenced by our “techie traveler” infographic. Heading into the 2013 summer travel season, we decided to take our travel research one step further and gain insights from the Boomer generation, specifically baby boomers traveling this summer.

They outspend other generations by $400 billion every year on consumer goods & services, and have an average annual disposable income of $24,000. That’s a lot of spending power!

We wanted to gain a better sense of this generation’s habits and preferences when it comes to travel & vacations, not only for our own knowledge, but also for marketers and brand managers determining their optimal marketing mix for reaching boomers online and offline.

Are Boomers planning their upcoming 2013 vacations online? Where are they headed and what digital devices are they packing?

Click on our infographic below for a glimpse at the findings. Better yet, download the full report of the data here.


Article by Andrea

Andrea brings a unique blend of marketing and public relations experience to the market research world. As the Director of Marketing at Lab42, she spearheads Lab42's marketing strategy and communication efforts, in addition to overseeing the development of Lab42’s infographics. Follow her on Twitter at @andreakempfer .

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