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Spending Green on Black Friday

When it comes to early morning doorbusters and after-Thanksgiving crowds, are you more of a Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or hit-the-snooze-button kind of person? We asked American shoppers about their preferred post-Turkey Day shopping strategies, and the results may surprise you! Cyber Monday is a relatively new shopping phenomenon, but where does it stack up against […]

Presidential Race to the Finish: Infographic

With Americans heading to the polls in a few short weeks, we decided to get a read on the voting landscape. In true Lab42-style, we got to the heart of some unconventional issues, by asking if they’re voting for the same candidate as their significant other, and which political party is most likely to watch […]

Social Sound Bytes: Music Listening & Sharing

Online music is exploding. 89% of music revenue in Sweden comes from streaming music. Pandora has 150 million registered users around the world. You might have heard people call the Facebook Ticker the Spotify Ticker, because it was one of the first apps to share over Facebook. We decided to ask 500 music listeners a series of questions on their […]

Three Skills for a Market Research Analyst

This post was inspired by a quick browse of the Market Research Quora topic: what are the three most important skills for a market research analyst? We asked our Research team (analyst Andrea and manager Heather) what they thought. Here were their top three skills of a successful market research analyst: Attention to detail This is probably […]

Summer Games 2012

The Olympics are a big deal: ask almost any of our most recent survey respondents. 95% indicated that they have watched the Olympics in the past, and 93% said they’d be watching in 2012. Certainly the TV event of the summer, we decided to gather some more insights on the 2012 Summer Games. We were […]