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Like Us!

Only five years ago, the term “like” was just another word used to describe one’s preferences. In today’s digital universe, however, the notion of “liking” something has become ubiquitous. Liking is one of the primary ways people exert their tastes and preferences online, and it has created an entirely new type of conversation – one […]


It’s that time of year again: after a fun-filled summer, kids everywhere are stocking up on shiny new school supplies, comparing schedules, and getting ready to catch the bus on their first day of school. Because this is my first year not going back to school, I was feeling a bit nostalgic and wanted to […]

Shopping and Shipping: A Look at How People Shop Online

Ever find yourself ditching the mall and shopping from the comfort of your bedroom? Recently, we’ve noticed a surge in online shopping and wanted to find out more about this phenomenon. The Lab42 team was curious about why people shop online and how they choose which sites to shop from. To find out, we surveyed […]

Advertising Like a Native

Because many of Lab42’s clients are ad agencies, this TechCrunch article about the changing nature of the advertising industry got us thinking. According to the article, advertisements will no longer be considered an interruption to consumers’ daily lives. Instead, companies will create advertisements that are fully integrated with customer experiences. Online banner ads are becoming […]

Fitness Meets Technology

As we learned from the survey conducted for our latest infographic, technology is becoming an essential part of fitness, finding its way into workout routines, weight loss programs, and all sorts of healthy pursuits. Here are some ways technology is making a splash in fitness apps and gadgets: Apps GymPact: By trying to solve the […]