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Happy Mario Day!

Almost everybody plays mobile games! Lab42 research shows that 85% of the US population plays mobile games a few times a month or more and over half of the population, 58%, is engaging in daily mobile game play. Generationally, almost 8 in 10 Millennials (79%) and 2 in 3 Gen X (64%) play games daily. […]

LinkedIn: The 5 Year Review


Happy Holidays from Lab42 Research!


One of the most important steps in launching a market research survey is determining who should actually complete the survey – what demographic, psychographic and behavioral characteristics should the respondents possess? Ensuring that you are reaching the correct respondents will generate data that is useful, insightful, and most importantly, actionable. However, defining your audience too […]

2016 Presidential Election: The Home Stretch

Summer is almost over, the National Conventions have come to a close, and it’s less than three months until we choose our next President. With all the drama surrounding the election, the team at Lab42 conducted a third wave of political research (Wave 1 – September 2015; Wave 2 – April 2016) to identify trends in […]