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Learning from 2014 Small Agency Award Winners

Ad Age recently announced the winners of their Small Agency awards, and we thought it would be a great time to take a look at the winners to see what they are doing right in the advertising industry. Here at Lab42, we always try to stay in the know, and while we like to be […]

Survey Respondents are People, Too

As an addendum to Sarah’s GREAT post about the ways respondents are reached for market research surveys, I wanted to add a “Part 2” to discuss the various ways respondents are incentivized. As the VP of Product here at Lab42, I am frequently asked about our methodology as it compares to “traditional online research,” otherwise […]

Qualifying Questions – Making Sure You Are Hitting Your Target

One of the great benefits of Lab42 is our ability to hone in and reach your target market, no matter how specific they may be. Often times, we find that our clients aren’t necessary looking for respondents that fall into standard demographic and psychographic categories. We found the solution by including qualifying questions at the […]

Top Tech Trends of 2011

Happy New Year! Before we get into the second week of 2012, we wanted to take a step back and check out some of the tech trends that really emerged in 2011. Enjoy this infographic from Daily Infographic.  

Advertising Apptitude

Advertising seems like it’s everywhere, but is it effective? Do you actually pay attention to the messages? We were wondering the same thing, so we ran a survey to get the answers. We wanted to know about 3 types of advertising in particular – advertising within free phone applications, online banner advertising, and advertising on […]