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The Latest on Millennials and Transportation: Auto Preferences, Must-have Features, and More

Many recent studies point out that Millennials are driving less than previous generations. With the decline in automobile ownership among this generation, we wanted to dig deeper to provide the latest insights on Millennials and transportation to illustrate what really matters most to them when it comes to shopping for and purchasing a vehicle. Among current […]

A Closer Look at Millennials and Technology: New Tech, Social Media Usage and More

With ever-changing technology, we feel it’s important to keep a pulse on Millennials. Our latest study revealed the latest on Millennials and technology, from their habits and preferences to their thoughts on today’s most innovative companies. Among the most insightful findings, we discovered that Millennial men and women have different opinions on companies they consider to […]

A Closer Look at: Millennials and Housing Preferences

Everyone is trying to decode Millennials today and find out what makes them tick. At Lab42, we understand that purchasing behavior has always been a primary focus, but to better understand Millennials, we feel it is important to dig even deeper into the demographics and psychographics to uncover what drives their behaviors. For that reason, we […]

You Don’t Need Spin to Tell a Story

Many of our clients in the PR and marketing space come to us looking to get media attention and bolster their clients’ visibility. To better serve our own clients, we do our best to stay in the loop on current industry trends. To that end, I recently read an enlightening perspective on how the PR […]

How Do You Get Media Attention? Use Data.

Recently, I saw an article on PRNewser that offered four ways to get reporters to read your email. The tips are certainly helpful, but once you’ve caught their eye, how do you get media attention for your clients? In other words, what type of content are reporters looking for? The answer is simple: data. Reporters […]