In our latest Lab42 market research study and infographic, we spoke to consumers about their current healthcare habits and hiccups. With healthcare costs on the rise, many are forced to weigh several options and decisions, often in an effort to save money.

For example, 43 percent have refused medication prescribed to them because it was too costly, and nearly half of consumers surveyed—45 percent—do not go to the doctor as often as they think they should, with the top reason being that it’s too expensive.

With all these attempts to save, it raises an important question for health insurance companies, providers and consumers: does it cost too much for today’s consumer to receive the best care possible?

Many consumers opt for generic medications as a way to cut costs and still receive the treatment recommended by their doctor. Specifically, 62 percent choose generic every time or most of the time, even when the medication is covered by insurance. That number jumps to 75 percent, when medication is not covered by insurance.

Brand names do matter, however, when it comes to choosing a health insurance company, according to nearly half of consumers surveyed, with Blue Cross Blue Shield topping the list of those providing the best coverage.

Still, 57 percent said they do not fully understand what their insurance covers, and consequently, may not be realizing the full benefit and value offered by their insurance company.

Click on our infographic below to learn more:

Lab42 Healthcare Infographic - FINAL

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