Whenever we turn on the TV, listen to the radio or even check our social media feeds, we see celebrities endorsing products. Setting your brand apart from competitors is consistently a challenge as companies and brands try to gain exposure within the marketplace. One option is to collaborate with a celebrity endorser. Below are some tips to help pick the right celebrity:

1. Know Your Brand’s Identity

Always concentrate on what your brand stands for when thinking of potential endorsers. It will not generate sales and revenue to have a celebrity conflicting with your identity just to capitalize on a current “it” person. If you are unsure of your brand’s identity with consumers, conduct initial research to see what consumers associate with your brand. In this age of social media, having a celebrity endorser who is ‘off brand’ could potentially hurt your company’s identity.

2. Focus on Your Consumer

Concentrate not only on your target market but also other markets you are hoping to reach. Find a single celebrity who is not only well known but also viewed highly favorably by the vast majority of each of these groups. Also remember, when focusing on consumers, you are trying to reach not only those who want your brand or product but also those who are likely to buy your brand or product, which can be two different segments.

3. Differ from Competitors

As with other marketing tactics, you want to stand apart from competitors. If your major competitor is using a reality star, avoid that route while still choosing a celebrity representing the characteristics you need. Narrow your search by finding the top 5-8 celebrities you think would be a good fit for the brand and conduct research to see who your market would most identify with.

4. Analyze Potential Risk

Calculate costs and decide if the investment is worth the potential sales in the long run. If there is any doubt, choose an alternative marketing campaign. Consider the celebrity’s personal life or decisions because any press could affect the success of your endorsement. Include a morality clause to remove yourself from the partnership should his/her image change. Lastly, think of the celebrity’s longevity to avoid having to keep finding new endorsers, which will become confusing for your audience.

5. Conduct Research

Before, during and after the campaign, conduct research with your target market and potential markets to see progress and changes that need to be made. By doing so, you can determine the associations of your brand, recognition of the celebrity and campaign, and likelihood to use and recommend your product.

Follow these steps and you will be well on your way to determining if a celebrity endorser is right for your brand or campaign.

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